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Tesco Stronger Starts Scheme Donation

Sixth Form Students with Ms Hussain, International Education Coordinator, and Mr Hebblethwaite, Headteacher

JHS has received £1500 via the Tesco Stronger Starts Scheme that will be used to put towards a Y13 cookbook, promoting positive mental and physical health through cooking healthy budget recipes from around the world.

Sidra Hussain, teacher of ICT, Computer Science and RPE International Education Coordinator from Jack Hunt School said: “I am delighted to announce that Jack Hunt School has been awarded a £1500 grant from Tesco, propelling our culinary and wellbeing initiative to new heights. This grant not only supports the creation of a recipe booklet featuring diverse contributions from our students, staff, and overseas link schools but also initiates an exciting culinary competition with prizes and an exclusive opportunity for winners to present their creations to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of Jack Hunt School and Executive Team of Peterborough Keys Academy Trust (PKAT).”

She explained: “Our culinary venture transcends mere recipes; it symbolises a celebration of diversity and a global exchange of flavours. Collaborating with our overseas link schools in Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, France, Palestine, and Norway, students and staff will share their unique recipes, showcasing the richness of global cuisines while promoting healthy and budget-friendly cooking practices.”

Beyond the kitchen, the Tesco grant underscores a commitment to holistic wellbeing—both physical and mental. It will fund the creation of a recipe booklet adorned not only with mouth-watering recipes but also with valuable wellbeing tips. This dual approach encourages a lifestyle that recognises the interconnectedness of good nutrition and mental health.

Moreover, this grant will also fund a wellbeing bag full of goodies for the Jack Hunt School students. These carefully curated wellbeing Year 13 goody bags will offer tangible support for the physical, mental and emotional health of our year 13 leavers, aligning with our PKAT commitment to nurturing and supporting our learners holistically.

This project is specifically designed to support our students as they transition from Jack Hunt School. The Tesco grant empowers us to equip them not only with culinary skills but also with a holistic approach to wellbeing, preparing them for success in their future endeavours.

Sidra said: “I extend my sincere gratitude to Tesco for their generous support, and I eagerly anticipate the positive impact this initiative will have on the cultural understanding, wellbeing, and culinary creativity of our PKAT community and overseas link schools.”