Artistic Flair!

All Year 9 and Year 10 students were given the chance to enter an art competition to produce a piece of work that represented the Olympic and Paralympic ideals or Pledge Against Prejudice.

We had an amazing number of entries, motivated by the prize of working with a professional designer for one day to develop the winning pieces into a final professional product.

Well done to the winning students who will now win a London 2012 pin badge and a One Day Workshop to develop a professional design piece.

Well done to:

 Rachel Jeffries-Harris Year 10 Inspiration

Georgie Elsom Year 9 Friendship

Shelbea Smith Year 9 Equality

Emily Ding Year 9 Respect

Keeley-Ann Channing Year 10 Courage

Aleena Chowdry Year 10 Determination

Nadine Hidalgo Year 9 Excellence