Deaf Comedian Visits Jack Hunt


 On Friday 19th October Jack Hunt School was the venue for the first ever BSL Comedy Evening in Peterborough. John Smith, a comedian who delivers his performance solely through sign language, entertained a diversity audience. John became deaf at the age of 3 after contracting meningitis. By using his experiences of growing up deaf in a hearing world John brings his observations to life, inviting an audience to reflect upon a wide range of topics such as current deaf issues, deaf politics and school life. This performance offered an amusing and thought provoking insight into being deaf and the world of British Sign Language.

Over 80 people attended, traveling from Cambridge, Norwich and Northampton. A local business, HandyTrainingLtd, sponsored the event meaning  the £700 raised on the evening  is going straight to Peterborough and District Deaf Children’s Society (PDDCS) who organise many events and activities for young children, aged 5-25 and their families.  The PDDCS recently hosted a deaf role model event with two leading deaf film directors, Charlie Swinbourne and Ted Evans.

There are more exciting events planned over the coming months. For further details go to