Some of our male staff members have been growing moustaches for “Movember”. This is held during November, hence the name, and is responsible for the sprouting of moutaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world.  The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Each “Mo Bro” must begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face. For the entire month each Mo Bro must grow and groom a moustache. There is to be no joining of the mo to the sideburns (that’s considered a beard), there’s to be no joining of the handlebars to the chin (that’s considered a goatee) and each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

Congratulations to our Our Mo Bro staff members: Mr Barrack, Mr Young, Mr Stocks, Mr Smith, Mr Morris, Mr O’Connor, Mr Duffy, Mr Burns, Mr Crawley, Mr Davison, Mr Game, Mr Kent, Mr Keber, Mr Gilligan, Mr Tank, Mr Hargreaves, Mr Blant, Mr Nicholson and Mr Wash.

Thank you to those who have contributed to the Movember Appeal. £1,000 has been raised so far. Any further contributions will be gratefully received.  If you would like to donate to this worthwhile cause please click on the link below.