“BIG FINISH” Cheque Presented to Local Charity

 On Friday 11 October students, along with Headteacher Mrs Pamela Kilbey , presented a £2,017.30 cheque to Julie Laithwaite from Sue Ryder Care.  Julie expressed her joy at the amount raised explaining the importance of community fundraising support for the charity.

 “The Big Finish” was an opportunity for Jack Hunt Students to enjoy the last day of the Summer term and encourage the School’s young entrepreneurs to raise money for charity.

All of the school’s 84 Tutor Groups were given the challenge of raising money for charity using a £5.00 loan given to them four weeks previously.  This enabled the students to plan events and activities which were then held at a huge Annual Fete for all students and staff, which made up part of the “Big Finish”.

Activities included football shooting, selling sweets, cakes and drinks, guessing the amount of balloons in a car, face painting, holding treasure hunts and, not surprisingly, one of the most popular events, throwing wet sponges at teachers!

Tutor Group MBC raised the most amount of money a whopping £147.60, by amongst other things holding a raffle.    Personal Tutor Andrea Brace said, “The Tutor Group are self-motivated and work well together, they were very organised and contacted all the companies asking for prizes themselves.  We are all extremely proud of them”.  

For further information please contact Jo Royle, Jack Hunt School, 01733 263526 or email jroyle@jackhunt.net.