Strengthening Leadership Skills with PGL

 Back in February Jack Hunt won the Youth Sport Trust ‘Bridging the Gap’ award in recognition for the work the school does to develop and strengthen students’ leadership skills. Part of the prize was a trip for 12 Jack Hunt students to attend an outdoor activity day at the PGL Caythorpe Centre near Grantham.

On Friday 15 June, Miss Bracken took twelve Year 9 students on a visit to the centre.  They took part in a variety of activities which really tested the students’ teamwork, communication and decision making skills, as well as testing them mentally and physically.

They started the day on the 15m high rope course which scared a  number of the students but they soon overcame their fears and completed it with big smiles.  The group then moved on to a pitch black underground tunnel maze where they had to rely on their ‘buddy’ on the outside to help find the exit.  The students really enjoyed this challeng with the majority of them managing to get covered in mud!

Next, was the zip line - the group’s (and Miss Bracken’s) favourite activity of the day because they were encouraged to make as much noise as possible whilst speeding down the 50m line. The day finished with an hour of archery which very quickly became extremely competitive with all students desperate to hit that yellow bulls-eye for maximum points.  

The students had a fantastic but exhausting day with most of them using the return journey to recharge their batteries with a nap!