Chicken Watch Live 2015

 Our annual delivery from the Happy Chick Company has just arrived and we are pleased to announce our Live Webcam is up and running and Mrs McQuillan has begun blogging about what is always a fun experience that captures staff and students attention.

It’s a great opportunity for students to see nature in action.  They learn to nurture these tiny creatures as well as having the chance to learn the facts of how they grow from an egg to a chick and beyond.

This year we have 16 eggs in the incubator which we expect to hatch over the next few days.  Once they have hatched they move into a larger, heated enclosure and we will be able to watch them develop from fluffy little bundles, growing more and more tiny feathers every day. 

Don’t forget to watch the live webcam and Keep up to date with Mrs McQuillan’s Chicken Watch 2015 Blog.  Students are invited to submit ideas for chicken themed names whilst we wait for them to hatch.