Paris Art & French Trip is Cultural Success

 This year's Paris trip was another great success.  Sixteen Year 10 Art and Language students travelled to the French capital, staying in a hostel for five days. 

They had a packed programme with activities and visits to monuments including the Tour Montparnasse, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, Versailles, the Orsay Museum, the Museum of the Orangerie, Notre Dame and of course the world famous Eiffel Tower.  The students also took a walk through The Marais Quarter and spent an evening on a river cruise.  

The teachers and students ate in different restaurants every night allowing them to experience different facets of the French cuisine.  Their accommodation was very conveniently situated just a short Métro ride away from the Gare du Nord where we took the Eurostar home.

Throughout the visit, Mr Mandin kept us up to date through his daily blog.

As always this was a really inspirational trip for the students involved and they were keen to tell us about their experience: 

 Cynthia Rosser told us "I really enjoyed Paris because there was so many cultural places to see like the Art Museums which were helpful for my art project and very interesting to see the different styles of work.  I really liked the architecture of most of the buildings which were old and elegant.  The meals were very different every night but all very nice.  I really enjoyed the night cruise that we went on, it was fun."

Margaret Kendal said "Paris was an exciting trip, exploring the different areas in Paris was fun.  We went to view 2 art museums which were amazingly interesting.  When walking through the streets, I could clearly see the buildings detailed designs and the effort put into these buildings.  Every night we had a different dish which I had never tasted before and I am glad to say I loved them all.  The accommodation was great.  I had a good sleep every night.  Overall, I think the best night was the last when we went on a cruise and saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle; it was breath-taking.

Kiri-Anne Highes shared that "Overall the trip was a really amazing and enjoyable experience that I would quite happily do again.  The train rides to Paris were smooth and although cramped, quite enjoyable.  Although the days were long and extremely tiring, I did not mind one bit because it meant we got to visit numerous landmarks.  I specifically enjoyed the river cruise as it allowed us to see the many famous places within Paris at night.  I am also happy we managed to squeeze in a memorable visit to Sacré-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower.  The hostel we stayed at was really cosy and I liked the fact that they had a karaoke night.  Although the WIFI was sometimes slow and at other times did not work at all, it did not really matter as they still had things we could do like a pool table.  I tried to speak French as much as possible to develop my vocabulary.  I now know roughly how to navigate the Métro as at one point I was able to lead, with the teacher’s support.  I want to thank the teachers for organising such a memorable trip that I could not have been happier to have been on.

 Rebecca Withers said of her experience "Tour Montparnasse was a great way to start the trip and gave an amazing view of Paris.  We could also spot iconic landmarks and see some of the places we would later visit.  I enjoyed the Métro although at times it could become intimidating but I loved being allowed the freedom to navigate and lead the group ourselves.  The hostel was a nice place to stay as the rooms were lovely and we could be around many different cultures constantly (although the WIFI connection was awfull). The 2 museums were interesting and a pleasant change from the busy streets and Métro but at times a little boring for some of the French students.  The Arc de Triomphe also gave a lovely view of the city and was a fantastic site to experience. My favourite part was definitely the river cruise – well worth doing in the evening no matter how late it gets.  I absolutely loved it and the site of the Eiffel Tower at night was breath-taking.  I enjoyed some of the chaos and flexibility of some of the plans that allowed us to partially decide what we wanted to do.  All the food was lovely and it was great that everyone tried what we were given with no complaints.  Overall, an increadible experience.  Paris is so beautiful, thank you."

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