Poetry Workshop & Evening

As part of Jack Hunt School’s 40th Anniversary celebrations, the Drama Department held a successful Performance Poetry Workshop and Evening for students, staff and the community on Thursday 11 March 2010 which over 100 people attended.

The workshop was excellent – students wrote a variety of poems: about school, Jack Hunt’s 40th Anniversary and their own personal poetry. They were supported by the Poet Laureates, Michael Riccardi and Keeley Mills who really inspired them to create personal responses about a variety of topics. Many of these original poems were performed during the evening to a very appreciative audience.

The evening event was superb, the quality of delivery of poems was exceptional and the feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. The school has so many students who demonstrated an incredibly high level poetry skill.  Some of Jack Hunt’s Staff also gave incredible performances!

The school raised over £300 by ticket sales and a raffle and the proceeds will go towards the Year 11 Prom which will be held in July.

Andrea Brace, Curriculum Area Leader for Drama said, “I hope that this will become an annual event as students, staff and families loved it and asked for another!”