Guitar concert rocks!!

uitar concert rocks!!

The annual concert of the jack hunt guitar school- organised by lead tutor CHRIS WATSON took place on Saturday 28 NOV at the school.  The format was simple- all students who attend tuition at the school with Chris Watson had their moment in a action packed programme of a range of music which demonstrated how well everyone can do!! Supported by Bruno on bass, Laurette on vocals and Martin on drums, the evening was good fun for all. Ages ranged from primary school to, well the university of life!! I helped Susan with refreshments at half time and then had the pleasure of congratulating everyone at the end, with  a SPECIAL thank you to CHRIS- these were his students and a credit to themselves and him. I took some photos, which I will attempt to attach now( doing this from home!!). I will put more on the school website when I can later in the week.

HAVE FUN IN THE JACK HUNT CLUSTER!! Places available for guitar, drums. keyboard and vocals. tasters for those interested. Details on the website- see you there!!


  1. rockers rule!!!
  2. top band!!
  3. top class!!
  4. wiser now after the performance!