National Anti-Bullying Week - November 2008

The week 17 November – 21 November 2008 was National AntiBullying Week and we at Jack Hunt School were very keen to support this.

As part of the AntiBullying theme a Focus Group was formed last year who meet regularly to discuss any bullying issues raised in school and ways to tackle these. This has led to a much better overall student awareness of such issues and various systems being implemented into the school system, such as confidential AntiBullying suggestion boxes, emptied weekly enabling issues to be dealt with as they arise.

During the week, the Focus Group sold official AntiBullying bracelets and displayed posters around the school. Various discussions and worksheets were prepared for tutor times regarding the AntiBullying message, alongside a group exercise whereby students were asked to write a personal pledge to be placed inside blue biogradeable balloons ready to be released on Friday.

Events for the week culminated in “Blue Friday” when we celebrated a successful week with a “blue” dress down day and everyone donated a minimum of 50p. The Year 7’s were organised to form a human slogan reading ‘JHS, SAY NO TO BULLIES’ and released the balloons containing the AntiBullying pledges. This was an enjoyable way to finish off the week and raise the awareness and in total we raised £868.36.

The whole week was supported by former Jack Hunt student Aston Merrygold, singer in “JLS” of XFactor fame. Unable to make an appearance due to other commitments he sent a message for us to use in our campaign, “I wish bullies would stop and think how they would
feel if it happened to them”. This support helped us to raise the profile of the campaign.