Dream Trip For JH Students

Staff and students from Jack Hunt made the long journey to Shanghai to visit ‘The Gold Apple Bilingual School’ in April. The two schools became partners through the Dreams and Teams Project which links schools from across the world and, after initial links and much cross-lingual communication, Jack Hunt students made their first exciting visit to China.

The students selected to go were Gifted and Talented students from Years 8 and 9 and this was the return part of the exchange, as students from the Gold Apple School visited Jack Hunt in January. The trip was designed to give the students the chance to experience and learn about Chinese culture as well as leading some teaching sessions for the Gold Apple students.

Whilst in the Gold Apple School the Jack Hunt students led two teaching sessions for the Chinese students. They taught rounders lessons to 14 and 15 year olds, teaching them the rules and giving them the chance to play a game. This proved to be extremely successful, especially as the Jack Hunt students had to use some basic Mandarin to demonstrate and play the game. They also had the opportunity to teach English lessons to children aged 6 and 7 and introduced them to the game of ‘Bingo’ using numbers 1 to 12! The teacher of the class said it was a great way of teaching English and that our student’s leadership was amazing.

Also during the visit, the students went to lessons with their Chinese ‘brother or sister’ and experienced the Chinese Education system in a range of different subjects. As the Gold Apple is a boarding school, the host pupils arranged a games night one evening to keep everyone entertained. They had everyone competing against each other in teams, with something a little like a tug of war, balloon bursting and picking sweets out of a jar using chop sticks!

The Jack Hunt students also had the fantastic opportunity of spending the weekend at the home of their host brother or sister. This was due to a Chinese public holiday where all students return to their families for three days. This was a lovely addition to the trip and really gave our students an experience of real Chinese life. They were taken out for the day and given traditional Chinese food, and some students even met up and went as a group to the theme park or to the museum.

On the last night all students were treated to a farewell party with their host family which gave them a chance to thank them and say their goodbyes before their final day. The last day was certainly an action packed day when they visited Pearl Tower which gave a view of Shanghai and allowed some perfect photo opportunities of the city. In the evening they experienced a show called “ERA” which was a spectacular gymnastics show with the highlight being seven people inside a metal ball riding round at the same time on motorbikes!

All the students who went on the trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to the school. Over the week they demonstrated excellent leadership and cultural awareness as well as perfect manners and respect. Trip Leader, James Crawley said, “The students from Jack Hunt School did a superb job in the leadership and cultural exchange and were a credit to themselves and the school. We look forward to continuing the successful partnership in future years”.