The Gold Award is for students in year 12 and 13. It is a popular enrichment choice. It is not necessary to have done the Bronze or Silver Awards although this then requires a longer time commitment to complete the Award.

The Gold Award is launched to students at the start of Year 12. The Gold expedition is a more challenging adventure so more training is undertaken to ensure that all participants are equipped to cope with the more independent nature of the venture. Our students undertake Canoeing for their Gold Award. This is outsourced to an AAP (Anglian Adventures).  Expedition training takes place in May, although students are also required to attend route planning sessions during evenings and the school day beforehand. The practice expedition is usually during May and the qualifying expedition is in September at the start of Year 13 which means students can then focus on their A-Level exams that year.

To gain a Gold Award, participants need to complete a Residential section, going away from home with an unknown group to take part in shared activity. The Residential must be 5 days and 4 nights long. Previous students have taken part in a huge range of Residentials, including university summer schools, National Trust conservation holidays, outdoor activity weeks , DIY volunteering at Youth Hostels, and cookery school courses. Before booking, it is highly recommended to check with Mr O'Connor that the Residential will count towards the Award.

All students are expected to manage their DofE participation by regular use of their eDofE account with the support of their DofE Leaders, Mr O'Connor and Anglian Adventures Manager, Ian.