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We run Intervention Groups within Learning Support in order to provide support to learners who require additional English and Maths development alongside their mainstream lessons.  Our intervention is mapped out according to individual learner need and is based on early assessments and observations of learners to determine the most suitable provision for them.  We welcome parental views and encourage parents to talk to us about their children’s needs and aspirations for the future. 

In addition to the Nurture, Fresh Start and Moving On programmes running across Key Stage 3 (for which we usually make the decision to withdraw learners from their Modern Foreign Languages lessons), we also run a Key Stage 4 programme, called Altern8.  This programme was established in order that students can work towards qualifications alongside a core of GSSE topics, allowing for the best possible outcome for learners who may struggle to achieve academically.

Intervention Model – Learning Support

Key Stage 3 Intervention

Nurture Group*

Year 7

These learners continue to access mainstream Maths, English and Science lessons, but will spend the remainder of the week in Nurture Group, working on the development of their literacy, numeracy and personal development skills.

Moving On

Years 8 and 9


These learners are usually those who have accessed Nurture or Fresh Start and continue to need some additional intervention for the development of their English and Maths skills.  They will be withdrawn from some mainstream lessons to attend Moving On sessions during the week.

Key Stage 4 Intervention


Years 9 and 10

These learners are identified as likely to need a more varied learning offer throughout Key Stage 4; Altern8 will provide them with learning opportunities outside of the classroom, underpinning the skills needed to achieve a minimum of 5 GCSEs on their mainstream programme.  Altern8 provides an alternative curriculum to the Progress 8 Ebacc GCSE programme, in order that learners can achieve qualifications that may take them on a path towards more practical subjects in Further Education.

* These learners also participate in Forest School.

Forest School

The Year 7 learners within the Nurture group and within the Fresh Start provision are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in a programme of Forest Learning as part of their first year in school. This programme is usually 6 weeks in length and takes place at Copthill Forest School.  The students gain so much from this learning opportunity and participate in a range of outdoor activities that build their confidence, verbal literacy, team-working skills and ability to problem-solve and apply their skills in a practical hands-on way.  We have found that so much of what they learn in the Forest enables them to tackle the learning challenges within their mainstream lessons and gives them the confidence to become independent learners ultimately. Each learner eventually completes a booklet of work, so that an element of literacy and numeracy underpins all of their practical work within the Forest. The first few weeks are spent in assessing their key skills which enables us to evidence their progression.


To contact the Intervention leaders, please use the details below:

Intervention Lead:

Rachel Hunt (Leader of Learning Support/SENCO)


Sally McQuillan

Fresh Start/Moving On:

Suzanne Tuck


Sandy Sanders

Forest School:

Sam Cliffe