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Learning from the Holocaust

Time is an unusual thing and can be viewed in a variety of ways. For some, it makes things wither away, change, fail and die. However for others, it encourages, mends, teaches and heals. Our perspectives and attitudes are fundamental decisions that make us who and what we want to become. The pledge, along with the Holocaust Educational Trust, works closely alongside Holocaust Survivors whose stories inspire and exemplify these positive life choices. We believe that this is important because our students become motivated by their amazing stories and are given the opportunity to see and face life, with these new lessons in hand, in a completely new outlook.  These fairly ordinary people became extraordinary figures through their limitless bravery, unending determination and persistent optimism, whilst maintaining their love for life and passion for justice – a quality that we can all achieve.

Zigi Shipper

 One man, one experience , one story that can move millions.

The incredible Zigi Shipper is an honoured visitor and beloved family member to the Jack Hunt community. The inspirational story of his experience as a victim to the Holocaust is one that will both reduce you to tears but light your heart with hope.
His unique attitude and bravery are key attributes that any person, regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity can learn and aspire to. This is why, annually we, with immense pleasure, invite Zigi to return to Jack Hunt to deliver his powerful story to our year 10 students. He proves to be an incredibly motivating speaker and his wisdom is clearly felt across the student body as he is often bombarded with questions, requests for photographs and autographs and even, standing ovations by the 6th form community.

He is a colossal inspiration to us all and his story is changing people – one word at a time.