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Living in Peterborough

The cathedral city of Peterborough is currently experiencing an economic boom that has positioned it as the most successful economy in the East of England, having jostled for the title with Luton for a number of years. Since being designated as a New Town in 1968, Peterborough's population has continued to soar and so too has its business community. The city is one of the UK's leading centres for new business start-ups and expansion. Several decades of rapid growth have created a rich, diverse and vibrant city that has a successful track record in attracting businesses to the region and firmly established its status as one of the strongest economies in the country.

If you take a look at what is going on in Peterborough you will find that there is more to the city than its truly magnificent cathedral. The city's population has more than doubled in the last forty years and there are a number of significant development projects taking place in the centre to ensure that it continues to grow. Property prices are among the lowest in the South and East of England, coupled with the fact that this is the most successful economy in the region. Peterborough's appeal for those people considering relocating away from some of the more populated conurbations, particularly in and around the capital just 50 minutes away by train, is increasing apace.

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