Restorative Movement

Hello and welcome to Jack Hunt Schools official Restorative movement blog! Browse around to find out more about Jack Hunt’s involvement in Restorative practices and watch this space for regular updates and future events!

What is the Restorative Movement?

Zigi Shipper, Holocaust survivor is met with great excitement and respect by our students on his annual visit (October 2013)

Students are given the opportunity to discuss, be creative and develop empathy skills at the Princess Diana Anti-bullying Award Ambassador Programme (September 2013)


Led by assistant Head teacher Kerry Cliffe and Restorative Leader Georgia Evans, the movement is centred on the theme of humanity. Co-existence. Community. Family.

It aims to educate and inspire students to not only achieve and live the full potential of their own lives, but also aid others in their journey to do the same. It promotes unity, respect, understanding, patience and above all responsibility: the responsibility for our own decisions, our own lives and above all our future.

It’s about working with our students on a human    level, they learn to understand their consequences, giving them the independent opportunity to change, and thus, change others in return. We do this because we believe that every child is an individual, bursting at the seams with potential and it is our duty to unlock that. School is about dreams and goals, not sanctions and conflict.

Our greatest drive is the idea of giving a child or young person the belief that they not need wait another second to change their life forever. They never need feel that they cannot achieve their dreams, nor what they desire. You have one life and it is yours. Love it, live it!

Peace at times can seem an impossible task; present more than ever in our society today. Yet we believe that by nurturing our students into kind, empathetic, well rounded individuals we can take a step, however small, closer to that global goal on a daily basis.

How is this achieved?
The Restorative approach is one that is a cemented moral fibre of our schools makeup. It is a system that seeks to dissuade the use of violence, hatred and blame and encourage discussion, reflection and responsibility, which is taught in various ways at the school, including our numerous campaigns. Pledge Against Prejudice, Talking in Confidence (TIC) and our Restorative And Young Leaders Award (RAYLA) training scheme are our predominant student led projects which achieve greatly. More information is provided in the subpages to your left.

Who is involved?
From students to staff, visitors and parents.  The ideologies taught through the Restorative are ones that are universal. They have the ability to inspire cultures, communities, entire generations to think more as one, as humanity, as a family.

We make it a priority to maintain as much student involvement as possible, encouraging them to take on different leadership / participation roles as possible. Many of our posters, assemblies and blogs are created by our students. We also have numerous ambassadorial roles that have seen students work with MPs, receive awards, offers for external work, visit parliament and even, on one occasion, meet the prime minister himself.

 A series of assemblies that encouraged students take responsibility for their life and decide what kind of person they wanted to be (October 2013)

 The ‘Perspective’ PowerPoint; further promoting in our students the idea of self-worth, self-esteem and responsibility over our actions and behaviour (October 2013)