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School Uniform

Jack Hunt is a school which regards uniform as being important. For many of our students the uniform is worn with pride and for many it enhances the feeling of belonging to a community.  

The school uniform has been devised to take account of the need for the various items of uniform to be practical, smart and reasonably economical to buy and care for.  Parents are asked to check with the appropriate Head of House in case of doubt as to the acceptability of certain items of clothing before making a purchase.  

The purpose of the uniform is to help to create a sense of community identity and to provide a range of suitable clothing which, to a large extent, frees young people from the demands of passing fashion.  At Jack Hunt School we aim to instil a purposeful and disciplined spirit into every aspect of school life and to generate pride in belonging to the school.  We believe that the vast majority of parents wish the school to follow a firm and consistent line on uniform.  With the support of parents these aims will be achieved.

No students should arrive at school without the correct uniform unless there is an explanation from the parents.  Where there is no explanation, students will be sent home to change.

*School specific uniform can be purchased direct online from Chroma Sport

If you require support with purchasing your JHS school uniform, please contact us

Uniform Requirements

Uniform guidelines

School Blazer

Black with school badge

Available only from the Chroma Sport Website

School Tie   Available only from the Chroma Sport Website


Plain white with collar

Plain white shirt


Plain black pleated



Plain black

Tailored formal trousers 

Jumper (optional)

Plain v-necked mid grey

Hoodies are not permitted ( will be confiscated if worn)

Cardigan (Optional)

Plain mid grey with school logo

Available only from the Chroma Sport Website


Plain black or grey



Plain natural colour, grey or black.  



Plain grey, white, purple or black without insignia




Plain black professional business-like polishable shoes with no logos or colours

Outer Coat

Plain dark colour without insignia


Other Items

Download full uniform policy


black, unadorned and not more than 4cm in width


Students whose ears are pierced may wear a single discreet plain stud or sleeper in one or both ear lobes.  No other form of body piercing jewellery (eg nose studs or tongue piercings) is acceptable.  Other jewellery should not be worn


NOT permitted for years 7 to 11 inclusive.  No nail varnish, false nails or false eyelashes are permitted.


For Sikh families further guidance on wearing the Kirpan is available from the School


Styles should be moderate, conventional and tidy.  A very long style can be dangerous especially when students are working with machinery or with Bunsen Burners.   Extreme coloured hair dyes and tints are not acceptable.  Any hair cut which is lower than a number 2 cut is unacceptable.

Hair fastenings - clips, grips, slides, ribbons etc should be plain.   Long hair must be securely fastened.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Download full uniform policy

The Sixth Form at Jack Hunt wear smart business dress as detailed in the full uniform policy.  Students are expected to maintain a neat appearance at all times, setting an example to the rest of the school.

Updated January 2023