• We have now broken up for Easter Holidays! Hope you all have a relaxing one. See you next term!
  • RT @UCPeterborough: Watch ITV Anglia for details of students from five local sixth forms who visited UCP to start research into community i…
  • Latest News: Take Over Day 2019 https://t.co/671KTlGgO0



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    • Take Over Day 2019

      Students from Jack Hunt School take over different roles across the city in our annual "Take Over Day"

    • Pakistan Day Celebrations

      Jack Hunt celebrates Pakistan Day

    • Liddington Netball Tour

      Key Stage 3 girls headed to Liddington for Jack Hunt School's first Netball Tour

    • Ski Trip to Austria

      14 Students from Years 10-13 took to the slopes in the annual Ski Trip to Austria

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